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Suite 6, 2955 Round Hill Road
Agnes Water QLD 4677

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How to Become Our Client

What We Are About

Our jewellery making process starts with simple concept drawings

We realise that our jewellery is not for everyone. We create for the determined, confident and extraordinary individuals who understand the value of bespoke jewellery and appreciate the effort that goes into designing and producing it.

We focus on providing personalised service for our clients, and work by appointment only.

Unlike traditional jewellery stores in Australia, we don't stock mass produced jewellery. Instead, we design bespoke jewellery in collaboration with our clients and then produce it to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Visit Our Atelier

1 Commissioning jewellery can be daunting sometimes. The easiest way to start the process is to call 1300 559 220 or email us to book an appointment with our head jeweller.

2 On the day of your appointment, please arrive to our atelier at the specified time. Your punctuality is highly appreciated as it helps us manage our workflow effectively.

3 At your first appointment we will review your ideas and constraints (time, budget, etc.) and will help you select the right materials for your piece. We will take you through the process of selecting precious metals, diamonds and coloured gemstones to suite your budget, as well as discuss possible concepts for your bespoke piece.

At the end of your appointment we will inform you of the timeline and your next step.

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Work with Us Remotely

Thanks to the Internet and reliable courier services, we have been working with our clients remotely, as not everyone is able to travel to Agnes Water to meet with us.

If that's the case for you, please email us your initial requirements (ideas, concepts, preferences, your finger size, etc.), your approximate budget and time-frame, your full contact details, and we will get in touch as possible to discuss our further steps.

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